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Phone: 07545 465 353
Post: Middlesex House,
130 College Road,
United Kingdom

TWOWEEKS is a UK registered charity (number 1132279).

Meet The TWOWEEKS Team
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Samina Shah – Secretary, TWOWEEKS
Samina joined TWOWEEKS in 2006 when she travelled with a group of volunteers to Lily of the Valley. She became a trustee of TWOWEEKS and has returned to Lily of the Valley every year since then. On these visits Samina has been involved in medical work, teaching and other activities. Samina works as a GP in Kent.

Patricia Rijsenburg – Treasurer TWOWEEKS
Patricia’s first trip with TWOWEEKS was in 2006 . The trip to Lily Of the Valley left a major impression on her and since then she has been almost yearly. She became a trustee in 2006 and has been involved in medical work, fundraising and other activities. Patricia is a GP in Beckton, East London.

Karen Patten – Chairperson TWOWEEKS
Karen Patten is a GP in North west London and founded TWOWEEKS IVN after efforts to help with the tsunami relief failed. She first visited Lily of the Valley in South Africa in 2005 and was touched so much by what she saw there that she promised to return and bring others to help. She has returned there annually with volunteers ‘old & new’. TWOWEEKS became a registered charity in 2009.

Preethi Venkatesham – Trustee & Honorable Member TWOWEEKS
Preethi first visited Lily of the Valley in 2005 after trying to assist with the relief efforts undertaken to assist the victims of the Tsunami. She also returned to Lily in subsequent years and continued to support operations in the UK as well as head efforts to assist with the Shakajipoor project developing in India. Preethi works as a GP in London and became a trustee when TWOWEEKS was officially founded in 2006.

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