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Lily of the Valley Orphanage & the township of Mophela

Lily of the Valley is an orphanage that cares for children affected by HIV and AIDS. The orphanage is situated in a rural township called Mophela, outside Durban, South Africa.

Lily of the valley Children’s village was established in 1993 primarily as a hospice to care for HIV/AIDS infected orphans until such time as they died. At that time life expectancy was little more than seven years.

By the year 2000, with love, improved nutrition, and improving health care with increasing professional attention to the needs of the orphans, the children were living much longer than originally anticipated. The improvement has been such that the more than 140 orphans under Lily’s care can now live better lives.

Lily of the valley also supports the local community of Mophela, Eston & Sankontche in various ways with outreach and social enterprise & development schemes such as:

  • Vegetable growing & Community Gardens Projects
  • Food Aid -Hunger alleviation programme
  • Sewing & Beading Projects
  • Adult Education & Training and Education Extension Programme
  • Early childhood development centres
  • Lily Health clinic
  • HIV/AIDS Voluntary counselling & testing
  • Home based care

TWOWEEKS volunteers have worked with a number of these projects, working alongside staff helping with the project’s development and providing ongoing support.

Enjoy our Photo Gallery of Lilly of the Valley Orphanage

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